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How Do Credit Report Errors Happen?

Originally reported at: If you have seen wrong information on your credit report – and plenty of people have – you’ve probably wondered how it got there. After all, if the statements you get from your lenders are accurate, shouldn’t your credit reports be? Credit reporting agencies manage billions of pieces of information about our credit histories, though, and there are several ways mistakes can happen.
1. Consumer Errors
Although many of us apply for loans and credit cards online these days, there will still be times when you fill out an application by hand. If your handwriting is unclear,.

7 Steps to Clean Up Your Credit Report

Previously posted at: When you're thinking of tidying and reorganizing your linen closet or your garage, don't forget about your credit report. Your credit history is the foundation to financial stability. The information in your credit report is what scoring companies such as FICO use to generate your credit score, which governs everything from how much you pay for a loan -- or if you can get a loan at all -- to your insurance rates. Paying attention to your credit report only when you're about to make a big purchase such as a house or a car can backfire..

7 Stubborn Credit Score Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

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A credit report is like a report card that provides lenders insight into how you use credit.

If you’re paying debts on time and keeping debts low on credit accounts, you’re building a great credit history that will help you earn lower interest rates on loans and will help you in a variety of other ways, too.

There are many myths going around about what hurts or improves your credit scores. Here is a list of seven popular myths about credit scores and credit reports you should know about:

Myth #1:.


Guesswork? Forget it.

Predict Impact: Guide applicants with complete confidence Understanding how diverse actions can impact a credit profile is the only reliable way to explore options for improving an applicant’s credit. CreditXpert provides you with the most sophisticated tool in the industry. The CreditXpert What-if Simulator allows you to easily explore how various actions may impact credit scores. You can experiment with actions individually or simultaneously – including making payments, opening or closing accounts, transferring balances, and more. It also helps you to know when to rapid rescore, saving you time and money by improving your success rate while managing expectations. As today’s most comprehensive.

The Benefits of Using a Commercial Collection Agency

By Every business, at one time or another, finds themselves in a situation where  they need to collect unpaid debts from customers. This can be uncomfortable,  especially for the small business owner who may have a more personal  relationship with their clients. To avoid and unpleasant confrontation and get  paid as soon as possible, consider using a commercial collection agency. Many business owners do not think they need a collection agency to get their  money for them. They believe that sending numerous letters and making phone  calls will eventually get them.

Using a Debt Collection Agency

By It could be argued that an internal credit control department provides the  same service as a debt collection agency. However, a debt collection agency can  often provide better results whilst being more cost effective. The effect of a  third party debt recovery agency becoming involved should also not be  underestimated. Often, a simple demand for payment from a third party agency can  be the prompt a debtor requires to settle an unpaid account. A debt collection agency can also provide additional services to the core  business of debt.